Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Preview

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Boxing finally has it’s latest edition of the “Fight of the Century.” This time between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. on August 26 in Las Vegas. While many sports fans feel that this is a dream match-up, I fall into the group that believes this is just another grab for record breaking cash.

Big personalities and ethnicity have always played a role in the popularity of boxing. Even if subconscious, a lot of fans throughout history often root for boxers who share their racial and ethnic heritage and who they feel they can identify with. In the world of boxing, Floyd Mayweather is currently the biggest personality and best pound for pound fighter in the world. When it comes to UFC, Connor McGregor is currently the biggest name in the business and currently ranked number two “pound for pound.”

Floyd Mayweather has a lot of fans and at least as many haters. There’s a long list of reasons both in and outside of the ring why so many people do not like Mayweather, and will be betting on him to lose to McGregor. Although Mayweather is arguably the best defensive boxer of all time, his defensive skills have led to several high dollar pay-per-view fights that have not met expectations from an entertainment standpoint. The fact that Mayweather is such a patient fighter upsets many consumers who would like for him to be more aggressive and see more knockouts. At 49-0, and with plenty of controversy throughout his career, no fighter in boxing today pulls on the emotions of the public more than “Money Mayweather.”

Conor McGregor is the next name in line that many people will shell out large pay-per-view dollars for, in hopes that Mayweather can be defeated. McGregor is the biggest draw in the UFC and Floyd Mayweather is the biggest name in boxing, and the combining of the two worlds has caused a lot of hype and excitement.

Currently you can find Floyd Mayweather as anywhere from a -525 to -750 favorite. At -600, a bet of $1,000 will only win you $167.I am usually against making bets on favorites with odds so low. There’s no such thing as a 100% guarantee in sports betting and there’s always a punchers chance in boxing. However I believe in a “boxing match” McGregor’s punchers chance is about as slim as you can get in a fight of this magnitude.

Regardless of personal feelings the fact is, we have one of the greatest boxers of all-time, facing a Mixed Marital Arts fighter who does not have any professional experience in a “boxing match.”

We have heard this story before; “if (insert name here) can get to Mayweather with his power early, then he can knock (Mayweather) out.”
There was Mosley where Floyd was favored -400. Then there was Cotto, where Floyd was favored -700. Then there was Canelo Alvarez with his power, where Floyd was favored -300. And last there was Manny Pacaquio where Floyd was favored -200; just to name a few. In all of those examples Mayweather was facing superior boxers to Conor McGregor. And in all of those fights, Mayweather came out on top and was able to control the vast majority of the match. If this was a UFC fight, I would say that Mayweather has no chance to beat McGregor. But this is not a UFC fight, this is a boxing match and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best boxer on the planet.

There’s a couple unlikely scenarios where I could imagine Conor McGregor winning. The first is if the fight goes the distance and there is some funny business with the scoring. You never truly know what is going through the minds of boxing judges. However if this fight goes the distance, there would need to be historical funny business going on with the scoring for McGregor to win. If judged fairly, there is no way that McGregor can actually outbox Mayweather for 12 rounds.

There’s also the possibility that Mayweather shows up out of shape and underestimates McGregor. Even though Mayweather has always shown up prepared in the past. I fully expect Mayweather to be well prepare for this fight as well and improve his career record to 50-0 and surpass the career mark of Rocky Marciano; but I guess anything is possible.

As with any sports bet, do not bet more than you can afford to lose. However, I have no problem recommending that you bet as much as you can afford to lose in your bankroll.

Love him or hate him, I see Floyd Mayweather Jr winning easy. If you can get odds of -600 or better on Floyd, I suggest you take it now. Many people will bet for on Conor McGregor with their hearts, but its not going to happen.

If you are looking for better value the odds on Mayweather to win by decision are currently +220 (Bovada) and -155 for Mayweather to win by a KO, TKO or disqualification.

Mayweather’s last seven fights have gone the distance, but I would not be surprised if stamina is an issue for McGregor in this fight. Also, Mayweather has underrated power. ESPN Sports Science recently ran a test stating that Mayweather punches with the same force as UFC fighter and McGregor rival Nate Diaz. Shane Mosley has also been quoted saying that Floyd Mayweather hit him just as hard as Canelo Alvarez did.

I hope we see an entertaining fight here. In the end I expect Floyd Mayweather Jr to win easy and knock McGregor out in less than 9.5 rounds (-161). But I would not be surprised if we see the same patient, smooth and defensive Floyd cruise to a decision. Either way, take Floyd Mayweather (-557) and what should be free money.

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