Washington Nationals at Cincinnati Reds
Projected Starters: Nationals: Max Scherzer vs Reds: Homer Bailey 4:10pm EST

As we approach day two of the MLB season, Washington is the first big favorite that I really feel the need to jump on.

Projected Cincinnati Reds starter Homer Bailey was 0-2 with a 25.41 ERA against the Nationals last season. The Reds lost those games 18-3 and 14-4. Nationals hitters have a career .467 earned run average against Homer Bailey. In his career Bailey is 1-5 when starting against Washington with an ERA of 8.44

The Nationals send Max Schrezer to the mound who pitched six shut out innings against the Reds last season.

My Pick: Washington Nationals (-1.5) Two Units

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2018 MLB Preview Podcast (The Favorites)

The Major League Baseball season starts tomorrow. Here is a look at Vegas favorites in each division and where I think the value is, even among the heavy favorites.
First, here are the few sure things even if the value isn’t there. Listen or read below!

Sure Things:

The Cleveland Indians (-550) will win the American League Central. At -550, you have to put $550 on the Tribe to win just $100. Risking so much to win so little is always risky in sports. Whenever you make a bet like this you must understand that there is always the possibility of injury or a team simply under performing. However, this line is +550 for a reason.

Cleveland won the AL central by 17 games in 2017 and 8 games in 2016. Now, the Tigers and Royals, two teams who had their eyes on contending with Cleveland the past several seasons are now both in rebuilding mode. The White should be looking at their sixth straight winning season, leaving only the Twins as a threat to the Indians. Minnesota Twins really surpassed expectations last season winning 85 games, but the Indians are just too deep.

I think Cleveland has the best starting rotation in baseball, definitely top three with no argument. The Indians will win the Central.

The Houston Astros (-550) will win the American League West

At -550, this story is similar to Cleveland’s and a no brainier. The Astros are a complete team, and last season proved to be the most complete team in baseball. In my opinion the Astros have the second best starting rotation in the American League, but certainly should be a top four rotation in all of baseball at least. Offensively, If you watched the playoffs you saw how dangerous this lineup is. Led by AL MVP Jose Altuve, World Series MVP George Springer, to go along with Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman, the Astros are loaded with homegrown star power.

After the Astros, the Angels have a dangerous line up as well, but not to the level of Houston. The Angels also do not have the pitching to compete for the league title.
Seattle, Texas and Oakland all have upside and can look towards the wildcard, but they are not ready to over take Houston. The Astros finished 21 games ahead of the second place Angels in 2017.

Close to a sure thing:

The Washington Nationals (-350) have won their division four out of the last six seasons, including the last two. The story on the Nationals isn’t about the regular season anymore, but what will they do in the postseason. Washington has lost in the National League Division Series in all four of their playoff appearances since 2012.

Should happen, but worthy challengers looking up:

(Chicago Cubs -275) to win National League CentralThe Cubs should win their division again, however at -275, I don’t like the value here. If you are looking to take a chance, I think the Milwaukee Brewers at +500 are an intriguing option and one of my wild card picks for the season. You can also never count out the St. Louis Cardinals.
The Cubs however still have the best and deepest team on paper, but if there is an upset in the standing this season among the heavy favorites, I see this being the most likely.

(Los Angeles Dodgers -175) to win National League West

The National League West might be the most competitive division in baseball, although the AL East can definitely make the argument. The Dodgers won 104 games last season and came with-in a game from winning the World Series.

The Dodgers really did not suffer any significant losses in the off season. There most notable loss was mid-season acquisition Yu Darvish. The -175 for the Dodgers is actually good value, but the Diamondbacks, Giants and Rockies all have a shot at the playoffs this year.

No sure thing here:

New York Yankees -140 to win American League EastThe Yankees were one game away from the World Series last season and added the top power hitter in baseball, Giancarlo Stanton. However the Yankees do have some question marks at the bottom of the order with their corner infielders.
The Yankees, starting rotation is right there with Boston for the third best in the AL after Cleveland and Houston.

The Red Sox +130 are predicted to come in second, but the roster is not far behind. The Red Sox however have some questions in their starting rotation after Chris Sale. It’s hard to know what Boston can expect from the rest of the rotation with David Price, Rick Procello and Hector Velazquez.

So after looking at the favorites here is my four team division winner parlay recommendations for 2018:

Four Team Parlay
American League Central Champion : Cleveland Indians -550
American League West Champion : Houston Astros -550
National League East Champion: Washington Nationals -350
National League West Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers -175

They all maybe serious favorites, but combined you have +182 value. Think of it as an investment to cash in come October.

Good luck and play ball!

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Get Sports Strong Podcast #5- Joe Thomas Retires/Who should the Browns draft and is Geno Auriemma a bully?

Get Sports Strong Podcast #5

We start out the show talking to all the fellow Cleveland Browns fans about Joe Thomas retiring and the upcoming draft.

Next we touch on March Madness and ask, is UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma a bully?

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Vegas Predictions Based on Lebron James


A brief segment regarding the Vegas odds surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers season and the future of Lebron James. 

Listen here:

We will discuss the odds to win the Eastern Conference:

***Cleveland Cavaliers +150

Boston Celtics +200

Toronto Raptors +300

What team will Lebron James Play for to begin the 2018-19 season?

***Cleveland Cavaliers +275

Houston Rockets +275

Los Angeles Lakers +400


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Super Bowl 52 Recommended Play

Philadelphia Eagles 15-3 vs New England Patriots 15-3 Feb 4, 2018 6:30 PM

The Super Bowl is always the most watched American Football game nationwide. In additional to the game there is also a long list of prop bets available to wager on.

Although the Super Bowl it most gambled on single sporting event in the world, it is not easiest game to wager on. With all eyes being on this one game for one day, the lines are usually very sharp.  However, I believe I have a winner for you.

Super Bowl Lines:

New England Patriots -5

Over/Under: 48

I am using a six point teaser to get these lines where I am more comfortable

Get Sports Strong Personal Play: Part 1: Philadelphia Eagles +11.0 (Teased 6.0 points)

The New England Patriots will be making their 8th Super Bowl appearance of the Bellhick-Brady era. The Patriots are 5-2 straight up in the 7 previous super bowls. Despite winning five super bowls, the Patriots biggest margin of victory was six points, in last seasons 34-28 win over Atlanta.
The Patriots have won three super bowls by three points and one super bowl by four points, and lost the other two.

The Eagles have only lost three games all season. Only one of those loses was by double digits. Even if the Eagles lose, I find it highly unlikely that Patriots defeat them by 11 points of more.

Part 2: Over 42 (Teased 6.0 points)

As for the over/under for the Eagles is 9-9 this season, but the over is 13-5 in games with a six point teaser being applied to the total.

The over/under is 8-10 in Patriots games this season and 11-7 in games with a six point teaser applied to the total.

There have been at least 45 points scored in 11 out of the last 15 super bowls.

Official Get Sports Strong Play: Teaser (6.0) Philadelphia Eagles +11.0 and Over 42 points

Good luck everyone!!!

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Do the Cleveland Browns need to draft a QB in the top 4?

Joe Thomas had some interesting comments for ESPN about whether or not the Browns should draft a quarterback in the first round. Do you agree or disagree? Take a quick listen and check out my thoughts on this topic.

“Cleveland Browns QB Options”

Josh Rosen (pictured) has thrown 59 TD passes and 26 INT in his career at UCLA


Baker Mayfield went from walk-on to Heisman trophy winner, but some scouts think he could be the next Johnny Manziel

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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Preview

Embed from Getty Images

Boxing finally has it’s latest edition of the “Fight of the Century.” This time between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. on August 26 in Las Vegas. While many sports fans feel that this is a dream match-up, I fall into the group that believes this is just another grab for record breaking cash.

Big personalities and ethnicity have always played a role in the popularity of boxing. Even if subconscious, a lot of fans throughout history often root for boxers who share their racial and ethnic heritage and who they feel they can identify with. In the world of boxing, Floyd Mayweather is currently the biggest personality and best pound for pound fighter in the world. When it comes to UFC, Connor McGregor is currently the biggest name in the business and currently ranked number two “pound for pound.”

Floyd Mayweather has a lot of fans and at least as many haters. There’s a long list of reasons both in and outside of the ring why so many people do not like Mayweather, and will be betting on him to lose to McGregor. Although Mayweather is arguably the best defensive boxer of all time, his defensive skills have led to several high dollar pay-per-view fights that have not met expectations from an entertainment standpoint. The fact that Mayweather is such a patient fighter upsets many consumers who would like for him to be more aggressive and see more knockouts. At 49-0, and with plenty of controversy throughout his career, no fighter in boxing today pulls on the emotions of the public more than “Money Mayweather.”

Conor McGregor is the next name in line that many people will shell out large pay-per-view dollars for, in hopes that Mayweather can be defeated. McGregor is the biggest draw in the UFC and Floyd Mayweather is the biggest name in boxing, and the combining of the two worlds has caused a lot of hype and excitement.

Currently you can find Floyd Mayweather as anywhere from a -525 to -750 favorite. At -600, a bet of $1,000 will only win you $167.I am usually against making bets on favorites with odds so low. There’s no such thing as a 100% guarantee in sports betting and there’s always a punchers chance in boxing. However I believe in a “boxing match” McGregor’s punchers chance is about as slim as you can get in a fight of this magnitude.

Regardless of personal feelings the fact is, we have one of the greatest boxers of all-time, facing a Mixed Marital Arts fighter who does not have any professional experience in a “boxing match.”

We have heard this story before; “if (insert name here) can get to Mayweather with his power early, then he can knock (Mayweather) out.”
There was Mosley where Floyd was favored -400. Then there was Cotto, where Floyd was favored -700. Then there was Canelo Alvarez with his power, where Floyd was favored -300. And last there was Manny Pacaquio where Floyd was favored -200; just to name a few. In all of those examples Mayweather was facing superior boxers to Conor McGregor. And in all of those fights, Mayweather came out on top and was able to control the vast majority of the match. If this was a UFC fight, I would say that Mayweather has no chance to beat McGregor. But this is not a UFC fight, this is a boxing match and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best boxer on the planet.

There’s a couple unlikely scenarios where I could imagine Conor McGregor winning. The first is if the fight goes the distance and there is some funny business with the scoring. You never truly know what is going through the minds of boxing judges. However if this fight goes the distance, there would need to be historical funny business going on with the scoring for McGregor to win. If judged fairly, there is no way that McGregor can actually outbox Mayweather for 12 rounds.

There’s also the possibility that Mayweather shows up out of shape and underestimates McGregor. Even though Mayweather has always shown up prepared in the past. I fully expect Mayweather to be well prepare for this fight as well and improve his career record to 50-0 and surpass the career mark of Rocky Marciano; but I guess anything is possible.

As with any sports bet, do not bet more than you can afford to lose. However, I have no problem recommending that you bet as much as you can afford to lose in your bankroll.

Love him or hate him, I see Floyd Mayweather Jr winning easy. If you can get odds of -600 or better on Floyd, I suggest you take it now. Many people will bet for on Conor McGregor with their hearts, but its not going to happen.

If you are looking for better value the odds on Mayweather to win by decision are currently +220 (Bovada) and -155 for Mayweather to win by a KO, TKO or disqualification.

Mayweather’s last seven fights have gone the distance, but I would not be surprised if stamina is an issue for McGregor in this fight. Also, Mayweather has underrated power. ESPN Sports Science recently ran a test stating that Mayweather punches with the same force as UFC fighter and McGregor rival Nate Diaz. Shane Mosley has also been quoted saying that Floyd Mayweather hit him just as hard as Canelo Alvarez did.

I hope we see an entertaining fight here. In the end I expect Floyd Mayweather Jr to win easy and knock McGregor out in less than 9.5 rounds (-161). But I would not be surprised if we see the same patient, smooth and defensive Floyd cruise to a decision. Either way, take Floyd Mayweather (-557) and what should be free money.

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