Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (Monday Night Football-Pick against the spread-updated)

The Browns are 3-6-1 against the spread this season. The Ravens are 1-7-2. The bottom line, right now neither of these teams are very good, and both are in contention for the number one pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

In week 5, as a 6.5 point underdog the Browns defeated the Ravens 33-30. The victory came behind a 457 yard franchise record passing performance by quarterback, Josh McCown.

**Josh McCown will start for the Browns on Monday.

There’s not much appealing about this match-up other then **Johnny Manziel** getting the start, who may or may not have been partying this weekend in Austin, Texas.

I’m not a believer in Johnny Manziel long term, and my motto for NFL betting the last few years has been “Don’t Bet on Browns,” which I also used as the name for a fantasy team.

For the franchise going forward it is probably best for the Browns to lose and end up with the number one pick and move on from **Johnny Manziel, but this game is it for the Browns. If either **Johnny Manziel or Mike Pettine have any chance of being back next year they have to win this game. If the Browns can not win this against the Ravens and Matt Schaub then I see 3-13 as the best case scenario.

At 3-7, the Ravens have not quit, but without Joe Flacco and Justin Forsett playing, I actually see the Browns winning this game. In the end, Mike Pettine will still be fired at the end of the season and Johnny Manziel is not the answer, but for one night the Browns will win on Monday Night Football and hurt their chances for the number one pick.

I may never say this again this season, but I’m actually betting on the Browns -2.5

(Browns 20 Ravens 16) **With Johnny Manziel

**Updated on Nov. 25***

We now know that Johnny Manziel will not be starting, and the spread has moved from 2.5 to 3.  I originally predicted a Browns 20-16 victory and actually like the Browns even more in this game with Josh McCown starting.  With Manziel inactive,  this game just lost any sex appeal that it may have had, but I’m still betting Browns (I already did at 2.5).

Browns -3

(Browns 27 Ravens 20) **** With Josh McCown

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