College Football Playoff Cotton Bowl- Michigan State vs Alabama Prediction-Dec. 31

For the second consecutive season the Alabama Crimson Tide will enter the College Football Playoff as a heavy favorite against the Big Ten Champion. This time Alabama is hoping for a better result.

From the eye test, almost everything in this match favors Alabama. With a victory over Michigan State, Alabama would play for their fourth national championship since 2009, under coach Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide have been here before, and last seasons upset lost to Ohio State should provide extra motivation, if playing in the Cotton Bowl is not already enough.

images-8The Michigan State program, led by Mark Dantonio continues to prove its doubters wrong, and advance to another level each season. Michigan State has won its last four bowl games, including a 42-41 victory over Baylor in last seasons Cotton Bowl. The Spartans last bowl game defeat came in 2011, 49-7 to Alabama.images-6

I believe that if Connor Cook, is truly deserving to be a top 15 pick in the NFL draft, this game is where he needs to showcase his talent.  Michigan State’s style of smash mouth football seems to play right into Alabama’s strength…..our does Alabama’s style play into Michigan State’s strength? It’s hard to measure intangibles, but Sparty seems to find away to win, even in the luckiest situations.

Michigan State once again comes in as an underdog. I try to take personal feeling out of picks, but I will admit, I would love to see Michigan State win this game. However, in the end Alabama just has too much talent. I don’t think Michigan State will be able to put up enough points to beat Alabama. Connor Cook, is a  good pro-style quarterback, but his lack of mobility will be a problem in this game for the Spartans. Expect Derrick Henry to get over 30 carries in this game, and Alabama will get the job done. But  I do think that Sparty’s defense keeps this game from being a blowout and covers. Michigan State +10

Alabama 24 Michigan State 19


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D-Prediction but not a good feel either way

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