2017 NBA Finals Get Sports Strong Prediction

2017 NBA Finals Quick Prediction


I’m going to get straight to the point….

It’s not often in sports at any level where the championship at the end of the season turns out to have the two teams that everyone predicted before the season even started.

When you are looking at this series from a gamblers point of view, if you decide to play this series, my advice is to go with the Cavaliers.  Currently an $100 bet on Cleveland will win you $230. A $100 bet on Golden State will only gain a $40 profit.

My Vegas Play: Cleveland Cavaliers +230

Prediction Cavs in 6 games


Thoughts going into the series:

The Cavs and Warriors have spilt the last 10 match-ups 5-5. In all ten of those games the moneyline winner also covered the spread.

The first 6 games of last years NBA finals were all decided by 11 points or more.



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