2017 Full Post Season Predictions

I am not recommending that you bet on every series. However, what fun would it be without some full postseason predictions well in advance.
Here are the Get Sports Strong MLB Post Season Predictions for 2017!


American League Division Series 1- Houston Astros (-153) OVER Boston Red Sox in 4 Games
-Astros are more balanced team. The Red Sox lack elite pitching needed in their starting rotation.

American League Division Series 2- Cleveland Indians (-168) OVER New York Yankees in 4 Games
-Baby Bombers time will come, but Cleveland pitching staff is too deep.

National League Division Series 1 -Washington Nationals (-124) OVER Chicago Cubs in 5 Games
-Believe it or not, this is the pick I feel least confident about. Will the Nationals finally live up to their post season potential?

National League Division Series 2- Arizona Diamondbacks OVER Los Angeles Dodgers in 4 Games (Odds not yet available)
– I am calling the upset here. The Dodgers have not been the same team the last month of the season, and I see this as a bad match up for Los Angeles.

ALCS- Cleveland Indians OVER Houston Astros in 7 Games
-Should be a great series

NLCS- Arizona Diamondbacks OVER Washington Nationals in 7 Games
-The Nationals fall short again, against the red hot Diamondbacks

World Series Prediction: Cleveland Indians OVER Arizona Diamondbacks in 6 Games


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