June 20 Slump Busting

It’s very important in sports handicapping not to get too high or too low. One day you might be the man, the next you could suck, and vice versa.

My 2018 season has been full of hot and cold streaks.
The past two weeks things were going very well, along with the season overall.
All of a sudden over the past three days I have dropped 7 games in a row and 9 out of my last 10 picks over the last four days.

Several games could have gone either way with several 9th inning losses. However, the games that could have gone “either way,” have not gone “my way” and whenever money is on the line, you either win or you lose.

I prefer to keep my plays down to 1 to 3 picks a day, but occasionally I have four or five pick days

slumpbusterFor Wednesday June 20, I am making eight picks. I have not made eight picks in one day all season!

However, seven of the picks are going to be only one third of my usual wager. For example, meaning instead of $300 per game I would be looking at $100 per game. For a $100 a game player, this wagers would be $30 per game, or for a $15 a game player, just $5 a game today.

Remember as much as losing sucks, at some point of the season it will happen to everyone, so you want to manage your bankroll responsibly. It’s just a matter of how long the losing will go on for and how you will respond.

After the seven games at a lower wagers today, I am playing one game at my standard amount, which is the one pick I would have made if I were only playing one game today.

I would like to think this losing can not continue, however if it does, I don’t want to suffer huge losses by tying up too much of my bankroll today.

Also rather than taking the day off, I am deciding to play a higher volume of games to experiment on a few different things.

I don’t feel anyone should pay for what I have been putting out lately…so here is my full card for June 20 as I attempt to bust out of this this slump.

Keep in mind that I was on roll, but the past four days June 16-19 have not gone well for me, 1-9 run!

June 20 Full “Slump Buster” Card

Detroit Tigers Money line $100 to win $121 -12:35pm EST

Cleveland Indians -1.5 $124 to win $100 – 1:10pm EST

Under  7.0 Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs  $100 to win $104 -2:20pm EST

San Diego Padres Moneyline  $119 to win $100 -3:40pm EST

Washington Nationals -1.5  $100 to win $102 – 7:05pm EST

Washington Nationals ML  $189 to win $100

Houston Astros -1.5  $116 to win $100 -8:10pm EST

Under  9.0 Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins:  $315 to win $300 -8:10pm EST
Thanks for reading and as always. Good luck!



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