June 25 MLB Free Pick

Here is my favorite pick in Major League Baseball Pick for Monday June 25.

If you like this picks, I do have other picks available for today, along with more daily picks not posted on the website. If you want those picks you can purchase a package by selecting an all access package. If you run into any issues subscribing on this site or viewing your picks, please text “Get Strong” to 702-850-1380 and we will get you taken care of.

Full card for June 25 is free.

Get Strong MLB All Access Picks

Please let me know if you want the picks e-mailed or texted when checking out.

3 Days only $5.99 USD**

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7 Days only $9.99 USD**

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30 Days only $20.00 USD** Limited Time Offer**

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30 day MLB packages promises a minimum of at least 30 picks total.

Our goal is to get all picks out at least three hours before game time. 

*All handicapping picks will be sent out at least three hours before game time. Picks can be texted or e-mailed, you decide.
**A 8.25% sales tax is added onto all packages. This is for Uncle Sam not me!
Get Sports Strong thanks you for your support. Get Sports Strong does not guarantee any results on our predictions.
All services are strictly for entertainment purposes and may not be used in connection with any form of illegal gambling.
Sports betting is legal in some parts of the world and illegal in others. You should be certain of sports betting laws in your area. If you are not certain of the laws regarding sports betting in your area you should investigate those laws.

With any questions or concerns, message me on Twitter or Facebook at @GetSportsStrong or e-mail me at betsportsstrong@gmail.com


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